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Energy Efficiency Information

A+ rated windowsThe energy efficiency (in other words how much heat it retains or loses per square centimeter) of your new windows or doors is very relevant, not only to save you money on fully fitted double glazing prices and your heating bills, but they can also be linked to building regulations & planning permission – any new installations may need to meet minimum standards in order to be approved by your local authority.

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Every home is going to need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at some point. This is a report gives your property an energy efficiency rating from A to G (A is top rated). Anyone who has recently bought, sold or rented a property in the UK should have an EPC.

Energy ratings

  • Modern replacement windows and doors are energy rated (U value grades how efficient a unit is at keeping in heat) and the rating is displayed by the “WER” rating labels on the window, door or glass.
  • For the UK Green Deal, products & installers will need accreditation to these standards

If your doors or windows are fitted badly by poor installers; then any gains from the quality of the door will be lost as a result